Anatomy Matters International_How To Enhance Your Athletic Ability And Overcome Chronic Pain

How To Enhance Your Athletic Ability And Overcome Chronic Pain

As an athlete what does chronic pain mean to you?

What is important to you about accelerating your recovery?

Having worked with professional athletes for more than 17 years I am now learning how to help clients and athletes alike to overcome the chronic physical and mental challenges they face by studying The Hudson Mind Process.

“What is the Hudson Mind Process?

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Anatomy Matters International_Work Related Health; Shorter Working Weeks, a Cure or Catastrophe

Work Related Health; Shorter Working Weeks, a Cure or Catastrophe?

This recent interview on the BBC news with Sian Berry of the Green Party, the leaders of the party want to see a greater focus on wellbeing than on material wealth.

Part of their policy is to have a 4 day working week so that the focus is on more leisure time which she says is not measured and that if it were to be measured would be a true indicator of the nation’s wellbeing.

Employees however would be paid the same for a 4 day week as they would working 5 days. I presume this will give the nation’s workforce more options with regards how and when they work and how they spend leisure time, the goal is so individuals are happier and more productive and achieve this elusive work life balance.

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Anatomy Matters International_Soft tissue for treating flat feet and associated injuries

Soft tissue for treating flat feet and associated injuries

Feet are incredibly important. If you think about it all our weight is put through the feet. As this is such and important area it is a good habit to maintain the foot’s musculature so it is strong, flexible and absorbs shock effectively.

When the muscles of the foot and ankle are strong, have good proprioception and movement you will certainly prevent injuries not just in the foot but further up the kinetic chain.

Our base of support originates here and is the main contact point between the ground and our body.

When weaknesses and imbalances occur to the foot and ankle the pain you can suffer can be debilitating.

Problems such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, shin splints (posterior tibialis tendonitis) as well with weaker ankles and feet you are more susceptible to strains and sprains.

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Anatomy Matters International_Soft Tissue for treating Shoulder dysfunction

Soft Tissue for treating Shoulder dysfunction

Shoulder dysfunction is a common problem especially with more time spent using computers, mobile phones and tablets. We get little break as these important pieces of tech are so vital to our everyday life.

As we are reluctant to take a rest even in our leisure time postural dysfunction becomes more likely.

Shoulder dysfunction where you develop rounded shoulders causing Kyphosis (this is where normal curve of the upper spine becomes rounded causing a stooping effect. As well as extended time spent sitting at your computer slouching and carry heavy bags to name a few habits of modern life can increase the risk of developing Kyphosis.

The muscles around the shoulder are greatly influenced by other areas of the body above and below it. It is one of the most unstable and mobile joints and relies on precise muscle activity to support it.

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Anatomy Matters International_Soft Tissue Therapy for treating common low back dysfunction

Soft Tissue Therapy for treating common low back dysfunction

Most people suffer back ache at some point in their life. You may be suffering now.

Very often the reasons for any movement dysfunction can be due to repetitive movement, overuse, sedentary living and improper movement patterns.

Posture as I have previously discussed can be a cause and taking steps to improve and correct this problem goes a long way to preventing the occurrence of a chronic problem.

However the most common causes of low back pain is lumbar lordosis, this happens when your low back has an anterior tilt because the position of your pelvis has been affected by dysfunction around the abdominal muscles and the spinal extensors causing a forward tilt of your pelvis.

Common injuries associated with this issue can be low back pain, sacroiliac joint dysfunction (SIJ), hamstring, quadriceps and groin strains. In time if not addressed can lead to problems above and below this point. Do you have pain in your shoulder, knee or foot that cannot be explained? It may be related to a low back issue.

What happens to the muscles?

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Anatomy Matters International_Why I Use Soft Tissue, Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy

Why I Use Soft Tissue, Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy

During the course of my 18 year career in the health, fitness and sport industry I have treated many physical issues from muscular dysfunction, chronic pain, posture related issues, stress, tension, injury and injury prevention.

The skill of using soft tissue therapy for encouraging healing, recovery, movement, muscular skeletal balance and relaxation cannot be over emphasized.

Massage is a natural treatment and has been used for thousands of years and is one of the primary methods for treating musculoskeletal problems.

This method is not without its limitations but from experience personally and professionally soft tissue treatment, massage therapy is often the missing link when administered in an accurate and detailed way.


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