The Secret Tool Every Savvy Fitness Enthusiast Uses To Increase Their Physical Happiness

No matter whether you are going to take part in the Oxford...

No matter whether you are going to take part in the Oxford and Cambridge boat race, play cricket, drive a Formula 1 car this summer or simply just want to improve how you feel and be fit and strong, your shoulders are important for every movement you do in your day, from eating, driving, working at your computer to performing physical exercise effectively.

So it makes sense, having a strong stable pair of shoulders will help make you happier.

If you think about it they are in motion almost all of the time. Think about what you do in your day and see how often your shoulders are involved, whether you are swinging your arms to lifting and carrying, pulling, pushing the list goes on.

Your shoulders are therefore at high risk to injury or at the very least suffering some form of irritation.

Shoulders actually come second only to the lower back for frequency of injury occurrence.

The shoulder mainly relies on the other muscles surrounding it to ensure its stability, so it is necessary to develop ideal balance and smooth movement in your joints so you avoid minor pains from sitting at your desk all day to lifting weights in the gym and causing a more serious problem.

You have heard of issues like impingement especially if you like to use weights for fitness or if you enjoy sports that require you to perform actions overhead e.g. ball throw in etc.

Making sure you have the right exercises for great stable ,strong shoulders is key ,this will help you avoid excess stress and tension across the shoulders that can lead to headaches, tightness across the chest that can restrict breathing reducing oxygen intake leading to dizziness and increase the likelihood of viruses and illness.

What you need to do next?

Get focused on your rotator cuff, this will greatly improve the stability around your shoulders. We all focus on our deltoids when creating toned or developed shoulders and what happens is they take over majority of the movement causing shearing within the joint leading to pain.

So the best advice I can give you to create the perfect shoulder is introduce some rotator cuff stability exercises to your regular shoulder strength training. You will find what you end up with is a great looking and better functioning shoulders, improved posture, less pain and feel awesome.

I suggest, (depending on your goals and providing you are cleared by your physiotherapist or doctor), use a stabilising exercise by itself for improving endurance, posture and simple strengthening.

Combine with a shoulder press to increase strength, for example, Dumbbell Shoulder press followed with Single leg Scaption exercise.

Ready to get serious about your body? 

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