10 Benefits Of Dealing With Tension and Stress By Connecting Your Body With Your Mind

Everywhere you turn someone is talking about stress levels

Everywhere you turn someone is talking about stress levels and how it may be causing you ill health, lack of success and motivation at work, loss of energy, depression etc, the list is endless.

Everyone at some stage has suffered a degree of stress at some point in their life.

Stress is part of life and being able to anticipate stress and then take measures to prevent it taking hold so you stay focused and maintain energy, keep progressing and moving forward in your life positively.

Through experience and conversations with people it seems that many disconnect the body and the mind when pain and illness occur.

The truth is everything internally and externally is connected and when you change one thing it has an effect on another.

What you think has a direct effect on how you feel.

Your feelings determine what action you take, which can either have a negative or positive effect on you.

When you are feeling stressed, suffering aches and pains, injury, the natural thought when this occurs can be worry, anxiety, concern, this makes you feel unhappy, more stressed causing you to become more tense, the muscles become tighter, circulation decreases causing toxins to build up, oxygen flow decreases, causing a change in breathing this then increases stress even more, and the vicious circle continues.

The first step to decreasing pain and stress is to change your mindset and help your mind to relax and focus less on the pain and discomfort you may feel and visualise much more intensely on realising tension and seeing your body calm, relaxed and feeling energised.

By combining mind awareness and deep relaxation techniques along with scientific anatomical physical therapy will give greater relief.

        1. Deeper feeling of relaxation
        2. Ability to operate at a higher subconscious level and conscious level 
        3. More focused for deeper healing in mind and body
        4. Renewed energy
        5. Raise the effects felt above that of a regular sports massage therapy treatment
        6. More immediate relief from pain or discomfort, stress and tension giving you a feeling as though you never had a problem
        7. Greater movement around joint which will reduce inflammation that can limit progression of any exercise /training programme 
        8. Increase your muscles ability to respond positively to exercise
        9. Maintain the health of your muscles for extended periods of time
        10. Vastly improved sleep

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