3 ways to Value you for greater happiness and success

Like many of you, over the years I have learnt many lessons personally and professionally allowing me to keep achieving and becoming a better more balanced and practical individual and persevering towards my ultimate vision. When you are self employed or have a demanding role with the company you work for, you have many people and projects that require your attention and you have to prioritise to ensure they are completed efficiently and successfully so you nurture and maintain your professional relationships.

Valuing clients and your team are vital for continued success, but what about you? It is so easy to slip into the routine of putting everything and everyone first so you get the job done, but is this negatively impacting you? I have suffered this dilemma many times until I learnt the lesson. When you start to value yourself and put yourself first then colleagues and clients alike begin to prioritise and value you also.

This isn’t about being selfish or being neglectful of others or your professional duties, instead it is more about understanding your needs so you are able to give the best of you so everyone wins.

I often found myself in situations where I was taken for granted, unappreciated and undervalued. I honestly feel this wasn’t on a deliberate and conscious level by anyone. I soon started to feel frustrated, resentful, and upset and blaming others. The miracle I discovered that at the end of the day the buck stopped with me and I had to take responsibility for what was showing up in my life, stop blaming and taken back control. This meant valuing me.

How do you start valuing you?

  1. Creating boundaries of what is acceptable in terms of time, pay, and behaviour.

  2. Finding time for me it can be 10 minutes or 10 hours whatever works for you, this can be anything from making time to meditate, go for a walk, a coffee, read a book, take a day, weekend off to rest or spend time with those who are important in my life. This means you have more balance in your life, regain your energy and focus.

  3. Living my values as often as possible preferably daily. To live your values you need to first discover what they are, I actually read a Paul McKenna book called the Three Things That will Change Your Life. One chapter was on living your values and making sure you inject them in to each day. To do this take a few minutes to write your top 5 values (you may be surprised what you end up with, I know I was) For me it was happiness, freedom, love, health and wealth (wealth is ‘t just a financial it can be anything you feel you have an abundance of) in that order.

    When I found ways to feel happy and free I express and receive more love, this means I am less stressed and pressured , feel and take healthy actions which positively effects not just my financial wealth, but means I am wealthy in terms of love freedom , happiness, health, friends, family and so much more. Thank you Paul you are so right! So remember by making time to value YOU ,you not only help yourself but all those you who connect with you. Have a fabulous healthy workplace day increasing your value.

    Remember what you think affects how you feel and the actions you take and results you achieve. Today is the day to start valuing you and live a much happier and more fulfilling and successful life.

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