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Anatomy Matters Terms and conditions

for the supply of services 

Anatomy matters is a mind body health wellness provider

1. What to expect from your therapist: 

a. A full consultation form should be completed prior to treatments and should include brief medical history including past/ present injuries and exercise history, signed and dated by you. 

b. Your therapist must maintain a professional relationship with you conducting themselves in a courteous and dignified manner at all times, be open and honest and act with integrity. 

c. If your therapist is running late for your scheduled appointment, you will be informed of the estimated time of arrival be phone call or text message. 

d. If your therapist needs to cancel your appointment every effort will be made to find an alternative appointment. 

e. Your Therapist should provide an ethical assessment and make no false claims. 

f. Your therapist has a moral and legal duty to protect themselves from harm and take reasonable measures to protect their own health, wellbeing and physical safety whilst working. 

g. Your therapist has a legal duty to protect you from harm and your safety is paramount and all efforts must be made to ensure you come to no harm whilst being treated. 

h. Your Therapist is expected to practice high standards of hygiene and take all efforts to ensure that standard health practices are maintained. 

i. All records, information and conversations will be entirely confidential and not disclosed to any third party without your consent, except in extreme circumstances and where it is required by law to do so. 

j. Anatomy Matters and or trainers and therapists reserve the right to deny services to anyone who they find unable to receive treatments or training due to health contraindications that come to light during consultations. 

2. What Anatomy Matters expects in return: 

a. You are authorised by your Doctor or specialist to receive treatments and or participate in any training programme. 

b. You are required to complete the proper documentation prior to participation within Anatomy Matters health and wellbeing programmes. 

c. You provide a safe and hygienic environment to receive treatment or training. 

d. You agree to treat your therapist/trainer with respect and that any aggressive or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in legal action. 


a. Anatomy Matters, the therapist /trainer has the authority to terminate the programme at any time, with no refund on unused sessions, if you, the client fail to conduct yourself in an appropriate manner. 

Cancellation of standing orders:

b.You can cancel your standing order in the event that you no longer wish to use Anatomy Matters service or choose to use an alternative method of payment.

c.Cancellation and changes of your standing order must be made 1 month prior to your payment leaving your account and must inform Anatomy  Matters in writing at this time by email. Any outstanding sessions must be taken within 6 months of the cancellation of your standing order.

d. You acknowledge that appointment times are reserved and that cancellations must be made a minimum of 24-hours in advance prior to the start of the scheduled session time by calling Julia Pizzichemi, Anatomy Matters (voicemail will record date/time). 

e. You understand that you will not receive a refund for missed appointments. It is your responsibility to attend appointments when they are scheduled. 

f. If a cancellation is not made by a minimum of 24- hours prior to the scheduled session, you understand that you will be charged for the session. Likewise, a ‘no show’ counts as a session serviced and you will be charged. 

g. You must arrive promptly for any therapy service you receive and understand that appointments will begin and end as scheduled and acknowledge that any delays to the start of a scheduled appointment will not be a cause of extended service beyond the remainder of the scheduled time. 

h.You understand that if because of any delay you wish to prolong the session, an additional fee will be charged. Any extended time will be at the therapist/trainers discretion and subject to availability. 

i. You will not expect or ask the therapist to run overtime. You acknowledge that a delay to a scheduled session cannot change the session status to anything else except a whole session. You understand that there are no half sessions because of any delay. 

3. Prices and Payments: 

a. You acknowledge that payments for single or blocks of sessions are made in advance of actual sessions and agree to pay in advance for sessions. You understand this money is not refundable.

You understand that packages have a 6 month expiry date and any outstanding sessions after the expiry date will be forfeited.

b. You understand this agreement and the terms it presents is for the purchase of sessions and any other purchase of services in the future. You acknowledge that this specific agreement, release of liability, consent, and agreement is continuously valid indefinitely. No refund will be granted for sessions that have not been completed. 

c. You fully understand that the cost of an individual package must be paid by standing order, debit card, cash, cheque or bank transfer. All sessions (dependent on package) must be paid in full directly to Anatomy Matters prior to participation in this program. 

d. Payments by standing order must be made on the 1st of each month in advance for the required number of sessions as agreed with Julia Pizzichemi and Anatomy Matters.

e.Sessions paid for by standing order do not have an expiry date and maybe carried over as agreed in writing with Julia Pizzichemi and Anatomy Matters.

f. All sessions must be conducted as one-to-one (one therapist/ trainer, one client) unless otherwise agreed upon. Pricing for such will be corresponding to the format (one therapist/trainer, one client).


                 a. This agreement releases the trainer/therapist from all liability relating to sickness or injuries that may occur during partaking in the Anatomy Matters Health programmes, you agree to hold Anatomy Matters or its trainers or therapists entirely free from any liability, including financial responsibility for sickness or injuries incurred, regardless of whether sickness or injuries are caused by negligence. 


                 b. You hereby affirm that you are in good physical condition and do not suffer from any disability that would prevent or limit participation in this program. 


                 c. In consideration of your participation in the program, you and your stakeholders hereby release Julia Pizzichemi and Anatomy Matters stakeholders from any and all claims, demands or causes of action arising from your participation in the program or from any use of the conditioning and exercise equipment and facilities... 


                 d. You promise that you are participating voluntarily, and that all risks have been made clear to me. 


                 e. Additionally, you do not have any conditions that will increase the likelihood of experiencing sickness or injuries while engaging in any activity. 

                 f. You understand you forfeit all right to bring a suit against Julia Pizzichemi and Anatomy Matters for any reason. In return, you will also make every effort to obey safety precautions as explained to you verbally. You will ask for clarification when needed. 

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